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Earn extra cash online with GoSignUps!

You may have seen many different ways on how to earn money online such as Paid to Click or PTC's, Filling out surveys, etc. Some of them really pays you for your time and effort and some does not.

Today, I'm going to share one of my favorite ways to earn extra cash online and that is PTSU or Paid to Sign up where you'll just register on the advertiser's web page, then enter the username/email you used to register and just wait for the advertiser to confirm it and voila! you got your reward.

GoSignUps.com - The best PTSU website, I have ever encountered. You get 0.04$ per confirmed SignUp. Not bad, right? This site has many advertisers so you don't have to worry that you won't get $1.0 on your first payout. You might want to check how much is the highest payout here).

Pros & Cons (for members)


  • 0.04$ per confirmed SignUp.
  • 0.12$ minimum payout.
  • Payout processed on 1st and 15th of each month automatically.
  • Many Advertisers


  • Payments are only done with PayPal. (can be part of the pros for some)
  • No Referral rewards


  • Create 1 or more emails. Some advertisers have the same site they want you to register and obviously, you can't register twice or more using the same email.
  • When registering a bux/PTC site, you need to click at least 3 advertisements to get confirmed.


I just tried it to see if it really pays, that's why it's not that big.

For more info about GoSignUps.com, refer to their F.A.Q. page.

That's all for this post, Thank you for reading!

*UPDATE*(June 26, 2017):

I just recently found out that GoSignUps has been changed to MicroSignUps. Tried it and has the same rates, the sender's info (in PayPal) is also the same that GoSignUps used.

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